Part of Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself is Serving & Sharing

Whether it’s as an individual, a family, or a Growth Group, we believe God has called every person at FBC to serve and share the gospel with others.


Ministry Pastor:
Nick Jones

Ministry Asst:
Kathy Rinta, Ext. 243


Join us in 2023 as we serve here, near, and far! Check out where we are going next year!

Serve Here

Serve Here

As one church body, we all have a role to fill. There are many one-time serving opportunities as well as ongoing needs that you can sign up to volunteer for. To see all the ways you can serve at FBC, click the button below.

Serve Near

Serve Near

We believe it is important to serve in our community and help those around us. FBC serves alongside our ministry partners to meet the needs of our community in different ways. There are many opportunities to volunteer.

Serve Far

Serve Far

We are called to serve and share the Gospel cross culturally. We support S2 Workers around the world living, serving, and sharing Jesus across 5 continents. Visit this page to meet our Workers and see how God is working around the world.


We want to hear your serving and sharing stories! 


As part of the G2 Leadership Team, the S2 Liaison’s primary focus is to help your Growth Group (G2) get involved in various Serve & Share (S2) opportunities.  To help your group serve others and share your faith, the church provides a list of opportunities to serve near, here, and far, via the icons above. It is our hope that each G2 will participate in at least one S2 opportunity each session.  It is also our goal that each G2 will adopt one of FBC’s S2 Workers. The S2 Liaison is the main point of contact with your group’s adopted S2 Worker and reminds your group to pray for, encourage, and care for them in practical ways.  To find out more, click here.