Giving generously isn’t about money. It’s about life transformation.

The Bible teaches us to give regularly, gladly, and generously. It’s a tangible way for a person to worship God and to put Him first. The result is amazing! Your generosity will change lives – yours and others.

Giving generously isn’t
a transaction. It’s a relationship.

God doesn’t need our money, rather He desires the full affection of our hearts. When we generously give, it’s a tangible way we show our relationship with God is the top priority in our life.

Want to Give to our Community?

Our Love Offering Program exists to serve members of our surrounding community with one time gifts to help them through tough times. All of this offering exists for that reason alone, and is an extension of FBC’s culture of putting “You Before Me.” To be a part of this incredible opportunity, you can give in person or online. If you know someone who is in need of financial support, click the button to reach out to Wendy Holden to guide you through the process.

Use FBC Online Giving

Thank you for choosing to give online. The online option simplifies the process for FBC and protects your information. The giving interface is provided by Subsplash. The first time you give through this site you will need to “Sign up” to create a new account with them. Existing users can use the icon in the upper right to modify your Subsplash giving information.

Two options:

  • ACH Option (Direct payment from your bank), 50 cents (same as postage, no paper needed)
  • Debit or Credit Card Option, 2.3% fee (approximate) can really add up

Click Here

Through the FBC App

Download the FBC App to your mobile device to give on the go. Search for “Foothills Bible Church” in your app store. When you see our blue circle FBC logo you have the right one. Select “Give” from the tiles or the drop-down menu. Check out all the other handy things you can do with the app as well.

Mail a Check to the Church

Foothills Bible Church

Attn: Finance

6100 S Devinney Way

Littleton, CO 80127

*Cost is absorbed by you for the check, envelope, & postage

Use Your Bank's Bill Pay Service
  1. Sign in to your bank’s website.
  2. Most offer bill paying as a free option.
  3. Create Foothills Bible Church as an entity to be paid.

*Cost is absorbed by the bank for the check, envelope, & postage

Distribution from an Investment, Gift Fund or IRA
  1. Contact your financial institution.
  2. Request distribution paperwork.
  3. Contact FBC for delivery instructions, at 303-904-4322 ext. 283.

* Cost is absorbed by the institution.

Donor Advised Fund

We’ve made it easy to request a grant be made to FBC right from here. Click the button below to see if your fund is participating.
See if your fund participates

To give generously isn’t a one-time thing.
It’s a lifestyle.

We learn from the Bible that God gives love, grace and salvation to us in a generous manner. He is a generous giver! We want to be generous givers in all aspects of our lives, like our Heavenly Father. The following options are available to help you incorporate giving as a lifestyle.


  • Collection of an offering in each Sunday worship service
  • Online scheduled giving
  • Stock giving
  • Estate planning
Learn More About Giving

Many faithful givers hear God challenging them to give 10% or more of their gross income, mirroring the Old Testament call for the Israelites. In the New Testament the instruction regarding giving doesn’t use the word tithe but instead emphasizes giving joyfully and generously. This doesn’t mean giving 10% of your income is wrong. It can still be a helpful guide. But the emphasis in the New Testament is very clear about giving as part of worshipping God from our whole heart. Your attitude is of utmost importance to God. Giving to God through a local church is not a bill. It is a heartfelt response of gratitude, showing God that He is first in our heart. All the money that Foothills receives in offerings is used to further the spread of the Good News. If God challenges you to increase your giving to show your gratitude to Jesus, see how God will bless you for this step of obedience. Dig deeper into the Biblical teaching around giving by reading these verses: Malachi 3:10, Matthew 6:21, Proverbs 3:9, 2 Corinthians 9:7, 1 Timothy 6:18.

Take the 90-Day Challenge

If you aren’t in the habit of regularly giving, a great way to start is a 90-Day Challenge. Determine how much you will give from each paycheck and see how God blesses your heart and your life.

Access your Contribution Statement

To access your Contribution Statement, click here and follow the few simple steps!

We’d love to help you with any of the giving options above! Give us a call at 303-904-4322 ext. 283