Gathering Grounds

Gathering Grounds is here to serve all of your coffee needs on Sunday morning! Whether you want a simple black coffee, a latte, or even a smoothie we are here to serve you. We are staffed by volunteers passionate about making Sundays feel more like home. We offer gift cards for future use for yourself or someone you love along with our new online ordering service. We can’t wait to see you!

Sunday Hours

8:30 -11:45 a.m.

Summer Weekday Hours

The coffee shop will be open most Tuesdays from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m

Open: Tuesday, June 4

Open: June 10-14, Summer Quest (during event hours)

Closed: End of June – early July for renovations

Open: Tuesdays, July 2, 9, 16, 30

Closed: July 23 (hosting on-site conference)

Submit your online order 30 minutes before church and receive 20% off using code “READY4WORSHIP” We’ll text you when it is ready at the pickup area!

Redemption Road Coffee


We have recently partnered with an amazing local ministry from whom we are purchasing coffee for Sunday mornings. We invite you to stop by the free coffee table in the lobby and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. To hear their story or learn more about their products, click the link below.

Punch Cards

We will honor existing punch cards but not selling any more. Discounted drinks will be provided through the eGift Cards.


Gift Cards

Purchase an eGift Card to Gathering Grounds & Save 20%

Whether you are purchasing one for yourself, or sending one to someone for their birthday or a holiday, you can make going to the cafe even easier!

How to Purchase

Step 1: Pick any amount, up to $100.

Step 2:  Enter discount code HEBREWS1024 for 20% savings (applies to the whole order at the time of purchase).

Step 3: Enter the recipient’s First & Last name, and email (even if it’s for you as a gift to yourself).

Step 4: Select when you want the eGift Card to send.

Step 5: Enter payment info.

How to Use

When it’s time to pay, just let the cashier know you are using an eGift Card.

Give the cashier your name, email or phone number to look up your eGift Card

The eGift Card can be used when making a purchase of any of the delicious food or drink options. Not valid for the purchase of other cards.

Save eGift Card Numbers

When you purchase an eGift Card, a number will be sent to your email ONE time. SAVE THIS NUMBER! You will need it to order online, reload value onto the card, and resolve issues if the card gets disconnected from your profile. We suggest saving the email which contains the number, taking a screenshot of the card number, entering the number into a note app, or saving the number into an e-wallet designed for saving credit card and gift card numbers (google pay, apple pay, etc.).

Pre-Order GG

A new, safe way to get your coffee fix on Sunday mornings! No standing in line, no waiting, and keeping your distance while still enjoying your favorite drinks. Use the button at the top of the page to order & pay online.

Here are a Few Details Before You Order:

Online Orders Require Payment 

  • To preorder is a great time saver but requires payment. Prepayment can be made with a Debit Card, Credit Card, or eGift Card. Punch Card users and Free Drink Card users have no way to preorder.

Save eGift Card Numbers

  • If you are planning to pay with an eGift Card, you must remember to save the number you received in your email when you purchased it. This number will be sent to your email ONE time. SAVE THIS NUMBER! You will need it to order online.