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Samson, Part 3| July 15, 2018

Shawn Peterson
Judges 16

God uses people even like Samson to show His power. In Judges 16, we see how God wants the Philistines and His own people to know that He is stronger than all gods.

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Rock Bottom Rescues

This sermon series in the Book of Judges, called “Rock Bottom Rescues,” shows us that God always has a heart to rescue us, no matter how far down we are.
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As human beings, we default to selfishness, but the Bible teaches us to focus on others. This attitude, exemplified by Christ, applies to all kinds of relationships – children/parents, employee/employer, husbands/wives, etc. No matter what stage of life you’re in, you know married people, and you can help them along their journey or prepare for your own marriage one day.
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Easter 2018
Join us for Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday where we learn how deep and how far the love of God goes to save us!
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God, Please Show Me Your Glory

This sermon is focused on our prayer for the year: God, please show me your glory!
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Habakkuk is a man worth emulating with his trust in the Lord. This book of the Bible is about waiting and while Habakkuk is waiting, he turns to God. Showing us the pattern of going to God with our confusion, pain, frustration and God answers him.
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