Raising $1.5 million dollars for repairs and updating.

This campus was established in 1997 so our facility is over 26 years old. We all know that in homes and businesses, things break down or require moving to a newer technology, and that includes us too. Having these repairs and updates made now will set Foothills up for the next 20 + years allowing us to reach future generations with the love of Jesus. We’ll also be better able to serve our congregation and guests, ensuring a safe, comfortable environment to worship and connect with others.

We’re asking everyone to pray about how you can give some amount above and beyond your regular giving. If you’d like to know more details, visit the home page of our website or pick up a flyer in the lobby. You can easily give to this fund online, through our app, or drop a check, or cash off in one of our giving boxes. Thank you for being a part of this church and helping us continue well into the future.

More Information - Letter from Executive Pastor

Hi FBC Family! I’m Lou Butler, your Executive Pastor and the financial leader behind the church’s budgets and the Campus Development Fund. I wanted to share a deeper financial Q&A for those of you interested in how our church finances work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at LButler@4fbc.org if you have any questions about this or how you can support.


Every church has three main types of spending:

  • Daily operating budgets to cover ministry programs, salaries, and typical operations and maintenance.
  • Capital improvement funds to cover significant repairs or renovations every 10-15 years.
  • New build funds that are used to build a new building or significant addition.


This Capital Development Fund is the second type. We need to replace all our 20-25-year-old heating and air conditioning units, renovate aging and dated facilities, and more.


  1. Did the church’s budget plan for this?


For the past several decades, FBC’s financial philosophy has been to operate within budgets to cover daily operations, maintain an “emergency fund” to cover unexpected repairs and smaller capital needs while covering temporary decreases in tithing, and generate a small surplus.


We’ve been directing surpluses to eliminate our church debt, which we accomplished in July 2021! Being debt-free is a huge blessing that makes us a “slave to no lenders” as the Bible warns us about.


  1. What will FBC do if we can’t fill the Campus Development Fund?


Since these projects are high priorities, we would plan to borrow the money temporarily and then pay the loans off as quickly as possible. We are hopeful that any cash management needs can be provided through private borrowing or our relationship with local financial institutions.


  1. Will the Capital Development Fund set FBC up for a better financial future?


We have developed a twenty-year vision for large-scale physical projects like these in the future. Now that we’re debt-free, we are planning to fund future projects like these through saving our annual budget surpluses.


  1. Are there other methods available to participate in contributing to the Campus Development Fund besides regular contributions (in-person or online)?


We have established a number of alternative opportunities for giving, including appreciated stock giving, required minimum distributions, donor-advised fund, charitable trust and more. Please contact me for more information or check out of website at https://www.foothillsbiblechurch.org/give/.

You can give a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift. Under Fund select “Campus Development”.