Developing Next Generation Church Leaders

Foothills’ Residency Program is a 20 hour per week, two year program for leaders who want to grow in the theological, spiritual and practical implications of church ministry.

This program provides leadership experience and pastoral growth as well as theological and character development.

  • The Residency Program runs from August through July each year.

  • Single residents have the opportunity to stay in a host home offered by an FBC member complimentary.
  • Residents will also receive a monthly stipend.

Residents gain experience by serving as part of the staff team. The first year of the program includes an opportunity to serve under the guidance of multiple ministry programs, gain insights into church operations, and a weekly mentorship program. The second year of the residency program allows a targeted opportunity to serve in specific ministry areas of interest and passion based on giftings and abilities.

FBC Departments

Below are the departments at Foothills in which a resident might serve. As a growing church, Foothills offers several unique serving opportunities in each department.


  • Summit Kids (Birth thru 4th grade)
  • Ascent (5th – 6th grade)
  • Foothills Students
    • Middle School (7th-8th grade)
    • High School (9th-12th grade)
  • Growth Groups (G2)
  • Outreach
    • Local
    • Global
  • Care and Life Events
  • Worship Programming
  • Communications
  • Technical
  • AVL Production

Core Developmental Components

Development of residents will take place through practical application of the following three areas in a vocational ministry setting:

  • Theology
  • Character
  • Practices

These components will be pursued through reading, mentorship, ministry leadership, and various campus tasks.