Our next residency cycle begins January 2022

Welcome candidates! We look forward to joining you on your ministry journey.

Qualifications for Residency

  • Beliefs align with FBC’s mission, vision, strategy, and doctrine
  • Soon-to-be or Recent college graduate who loves people and has a clear call to ministry
  • A desire to be a lifelong learner who is self-aware and teachable
  • Accepts accountability and has a history of healthy conflict resolution

Application Process

SUBMIT A RESUME: Please submit an up to date resume.

INTERVIEW PROCESS: If you seem like a good fit for our program, our Residency Director will reach out to you with next steps for an interview.

INVITATION: The next step in a successful application will be an invitation to officially join the Foothills Residency Program!

BACKGROUND CHECK: Finally, background checks are required for all residents coming into our program.