In this series, we look at God’s design for us to be disciples. Jesus poured into others, the disciples did it, and it’s what we’re called to do as his followers. It’s important for all of us as Christians to have someone in our lives pouring into us, and we, in turn, pour into someone else.

Overflow #1: A Flow and an Overflow
Shawn PetersonSeptember 11, 2022

In this 5-week series, we’ll look at God’s design for discipleship. As we begin, we see a beautiful image in scripture of God abundantly flowing His goodness and blessings into His people, expecting us to keep the flow going.

Overflow #2: How to Overflow Like Jesus
Shawn PetersonSeptember 18, 2022

As Christians, instead of being like a stagnant pond, we are like a flowing river. God flows into us and He has designed us to overflow into others. To be effective, we cannot live in isolation, we must be in intentional loving relationships.

Overflow #3: How to Overflow the Truth and Fruit of Jesus
Shawn PetersonSeptember 25, 2022 

As we are transformed to be like Jesus, we will overflow like Jesus. To be most effective, we want to overflow the combination of truth and fruit. If truth and fruit are separated, then we are nothing like Jesus.

Overflow #4: How to Overflow Gracious Confrontation and Restoration 
Shawn Peterson
October 2, 2022

As we continue our journey of learning to overflow like Jesus, we look at confrontation. Before we confront someone, we must be willing to slow down and invest quality time with them. We do this because we love them and that’s what Jesus modeled for us.

Overflow #5: How Overflowing Will Change the World
Shawn Peterson
October 9, 2022

As we conclude this series, we see the grand plan to spread the Good News throughout the world was Jesus flowing His truth and fruit into 12 men. Everything rested upon these men, filled with the Holy Spirit, to overflow Jesus’ truth and fruit. As followers of Christ, we are called to do the same.