If you are generally an obedient person but aren’t experiencing God’s joy, try spending the month of December asking for the joy of the Lord. There are too many grumpy, complaining, and gloomy Christians. God wants you to know the pleasure of His face shining upon you, which will bring you joy!

The Face of Joy

The Face of Joy #1: 
Shawn Peterson
December 04, 2022

When Mary heard from the angel about God’s plan, she responded in obedience. This was courageous and humble faith but incomplete without joy. The Spirit worked through Elizabeth to help her understand the blessing! God regularly uses other Christians in our own lives to help us experience the joy God wants for us.

The Face of Joy #2: John’s Joy
Shawn Peterson
December 11, 2022

In Luke 1, the Holy Spirit could not contain Himself because the Messianic promise of God was finally bieng fulfilled. He caused 24-week-old John to leap for joy too as an authentic response to the presence of Jesus and the fulfillment of God’s promises.

The Face of Joy #3: Zechariah’s Joy
Shawn Peterson
December 18, 2022

We look at Zechariah’s life to help us experience the great joy and love that Jesus offers. It’s not until a person acts upon their belief by putting their trust in God’s plan, that the Holy Spirit gives a person God’s joy. If you want to go from doubt to joy, make the decision to trust in God’s supernatural work.

The Face of Joy #4: The Choice of Joy
Shawn Peterson
December 24, 2022 

As we conclude our series with the culmination of the birth of Jesus, we look at the shepherds. They were just regular people experiencing something unusual. They could’ve responded in many ways, but they chose to respond with joy.