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New Year Goals: Cross Fit

Are you cross fit? Hans, the one of the trainers at Have-a-Fit gym, was pressed into manning the reception desk one early January evening. A couple came in and he greeted them enthusiastically: “Hi! I don’t think we’ve met. Are you new here?” “Oh no,” replied Biff....

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Fear Not

“Lights please!” So begins the famous Luke 2 soliloquy in “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.”  In recent years, the internet has been noticing something: the point at which Linus drops his security blanket. “Fear not,” says the angel, and the blanket falls to the floor,...

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Thanksgiving, Say – And DO – Thanks!

Happy Turkey Day? Well, maybe not so happy for the turkeys. Nor is it so happy for those without family or friends with whom to celebrate, unless they’ve been invited to a “Friendsgiving,” and unless the other guests are Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives,...

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