Join us September 13 – October 11 where we’ll focus on the third part of our vision statement, God Has Big Plans for Your Life. Each week we’ll look at a different character from the Bible whose life was disrupted and see what we can learn from them. Because of COVID, we are all experiencing disruption and change. We’ll be inspired and encouraged to take our frustrations to the Lord and let Him comfort and guide us through it knowing He has a plan for our lives.

Moses | September 13, 2020

Shawn Peterson

Have you ever wondered what God’s big plans are for your life? This week we look at Moses to help us answer this question. We see a man who was born a slave, raised in Pharaoh’s house and sovereignly protected by God. He was trained up from a murderer to a humble man that God used to lead the Israelites and show them His character .

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