Above & Beyond

We’ve seen God working in amazing ways at FBC and we know He has big plans for our future. To understand that future, you need to understand one fact about the past. In the winter of 2017, God blessed us with $575,000 profit from a deal on the cell towers on our property. Since then, the elders have been praying about how to use these funds to glorify God. This has been an exciting time of prayer and discussion. As time passed, the elders conviction grew that this money should be used to serve and bless other people. God gave us such a big vision that we need everyone’s help to get there because it’s not a $575,000 vision but a $1.2 million vision.

We’re encouraging everyone to Give Above & Beyond what you normally do. If everyone pitches in a little, we can accomplish a lot!

Please prayerfully think about how much you currently give every month, and consider giving more. For example, if you’re giving 5%, maybe you could up it to 6% or even 10%. If you’re already giving 10% maybe you have the means to give 11%. If you’re not currently giving at all, just start giving. Every dollar given makes a huge difference.

So what will the church do with the money that’s raised?

Spread Some Smiles

During this season of Covid-19, we find ourselves with an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Church leadership has decided that every dollar that is given to the church that is above and beyond our budget will go to blessing His people. We will share stories of how the church is using this money every week during our online church services. If you know of someone who could use some extra blessing in this time, please contact Lori at lstorrs@4fbc.org.

Refresh Our Property

Our property is over 20 years old and in need of some refreshing. Kitchens, bathrooms, landscaping and decor need updating. The video technology in the auditorium needs to be updated to current standards. The signs on our building, both inside and outside, need to be improved.  We’re doing all of these improvements to create a more hospitable environment especially for visiting guests.  

Start a Counseling Center on Campus

Addiction, depression and mental health needs are on the rise. The Southwest area of Jefferson County has a huge need for trained Christian counselors and want to help meet this need. We’ll be converting part of the SHED into a Christian Counseling Center. We’re doing this to bless and serve people in our community who are seeking mental and spiritual health.

Give to GO Worker Special Projects

Every year we partner with our GO Workers by providing financial assistance that catapults a new ministry in another country. We do this to help spread the name of Jesus and to support our GO Workers.

Help Kids in the Foster Care and Adoption system

The state of Colorado has more that 3,000 kids in the foster system in need of foster care and 26,000 age out of the system. FBC will be partnering with faith-based experts to help these kids find homes. We do this to show love to kids and teens who can’t advocate for themselves.

Build a New Playground

The modernized and safer playground has been built and it is amazing! We prioritized this project to give a gift of love and blessing to the kids in our preschool and early childcare classes.

All donations go into the General Fund. Every dollar that exceeds the General Fund on a monthly basis will go towards funding future projects.