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BASECAMP (2’s – 5’s)

“Love each other
as I have loved you,”
John 15:12. 

Memory Verse_HandMotions


TIMBERLINE (Kinder – 4th)
*Use either Basecamp or Ascent activities based on your child’s interest.


Do you remember what the Israelites did when they were waiting on Moses?

Do you think they remembered what was true?

Talk about something you know is true
about God.

“Dear God, in this season where we experienced a lot of waiting, there are
times when we just wish we didn’t have to wait. We thank You for teaching us
today that when you have to wait, remember what’s true. Each time we
need to be patient this week, help us focus on the things we know are true
about You. Thank You for helping us stay strong and trust You in the waiting. We love You!
In Jesus’ name, amen!”


ASCENT (5th – 6th)
*See also Timberline Activities


Discussion Questions:
• If you had been on the scene when the Israelites started planning the golden calf construction project, what could you have said to help them go back to what was true and do the right thing?
• What do you think are some of the best reasons to be patient?
• What are some things you believe, without a doubt, to be true about God?
• What can you think about when it’s hard to wait?
• When you’re in a tough situation and you have to wait for answers—like when
a family member is sick or when a parent loses a job—how does it help you
to know that God keeps His promises, loves you, has a plan for you, etc.?


    Click here for the Douglas Talks: 

    It can be very difficult to be patient, but the Holy Spirit is there to help!



    TIMBERLINE (1st – 4th) 

    ASCENT (5th – 6th) 

    Salvation Guide – Parent conversation guide…for kids