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Growth Groups

We want to be the Church, not a crowd!

Growth Groups (G2s) are at the very core of what we do. They are the place where real ministry occurs as we encourage, support and challenge one another while gathering around the Bible. God doesn’t want any of us to walk this spiritual journey alone – we need each other.


G2 Director
Wendy Holden

G2 Pastor
David Comstock

G2 Ministry Assistant
Tracy Spitler

How Do Growth Groups Work?

A Growth Group, which is our name for a bible study group, is made up of around 10-15 people who meet weekly to study God’s Word, build relationships and serve others. Each group is led by a trained leader and host couple. A typical meeting lasts for about an hour and a half, covers a study based on the previous weekend’s sermon and includes light refreshments. Groups meet during three 10-week sessions a year (Fall, Winter and Spring), taking a break over summer.  Check out Growth Group FAQs for more info.

Growth Group Questions

We call the handout with the Growth Group Questions “G2Qs.” This week’s G2Qs can be found on the Bulletin page. All previous week’s can be found in the corresponding sermon on the Sermons page.

This Week’s G2Qs

Previous G2Qs

Growth Groups Calendar


  • Fall Session: 9/10/23 – 11/18/23
  • Winter Session: 1/7/24 – 3/16/24
  • Spring Session: 3/31/24 – 5/25/24
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