Outreach Classes

    Outreach Classes

    GO Equipping Class Part 1

    Are you interested in raising your awareness of global outreach here at FBC and around the world? Do you desire a better understanding of global outreach and how global outreach has worked, as well as trends in the future? Are you thinking God may be calling you into some form of global outreach work?

    This global outreach class at FBC is intergenerational and serves as a first step for someone curious/interested in global outreach. Topics covered will include: Theology of Outreach, History of Outreach, Changing the Outreach Scene in the World, Pioneer Church Planting, Spiritual Warfare and Prayer, Sending Agencies and Outreach and an Orientation of Global Outreach at FBCClasses will be a combination of teaching and discussions on each topic.  A half-day outreach trip, followed by a debrief, are also part of the class. 

    GO Equipping Class Part 2

    Are you thinking of serving in global outreach in some capacity? Do you feel God is leading you to serve in outreach here at FBC? Perhaps serve as a short or long term global outreach worker here or abroad? Are you interested in determining where you might best fit in outreach work? Are you wondering what might be your greatest challenge in serving in outreach? This is a 10 week class.

    This is an intergenerational class that will build on the concepts from an earlier global outreach class. The earlier class is not a prerequisite, especially if you have some global outreach experience. Topics covered will include: What is a Successful Global Worker, Nitty Gritty of Global Worker Life, Cultural Differences, Cross Cultural Communication, What Brings a Global Worker Down?, Conflict Resolution, Real Life Vignettes, and How to Find a Good Outreach Agency. The format will be a combination of teaching and small group discussion. Class time also includes real life vignettes and one-on-one counseling on the next steps you might take to get more involved in global outreach.

    If you’ve taken GO Equipping Class Part 1, this is a great ‘next step’ to take if you feel called to be more deeply involved in outreach, either at FBC, in our community, or somewhere else in the world. The class will be led by Doug Feil and Tim Vick, long standing members of FBC with outreach experience in various parts of the world. Joyce Feil, FBC Director of Global Outreach, will also contribute to the class. Registration is required.


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    GO Equipping Class Part 1
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    Class starts February 16th and ends April 27th

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    For more information on these classes, contact Tim Vick.